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To provide further information and clarity about the irrigation water to your homes:


The Artistry Community Association is contracted with ITS (Irrigation Technical Services) to manage the timing and frequency of your home’s irrigation system via the Smartlink controller on the side of your home by the Irrigation timer.


Please know that if you manually change the irrigation timing or frequency, then, overnight those changes are automatically cleared out and re-set to the default times. 


Therefore, whenever you have the need to temporarily change the frequency or timing of the watering to your yard (such as following the install of new or replaced plantings), you can contact ITS and they can remotely make the change for you, for as long as is appropriate for your needs.  If you feel that your yard, or landscaping is getting too much water on a regular basis, ITS can remotely make the adjustments necessary,


This is done by emailing to the following: Tom_Jones@irrigation.onmicrosoft.com


However, ITS is not a resource to perform repairs or maintenance to the irrigation lines and sprinkler heads on your property. 


One more reminder, although scheduled watering times end at 7:00 am, the pump is now operating until 10:00 am every day so that owners may have service (“wet checks” or filter cleaning) during the morning hours.


Thank You,

Artistry Owners Association

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