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You have recently received your coupon books for your Monthly Assessments.  Unfortunately the company that printed them made a mistake and put the quarterly total on the monthly amount (see attached).  Please simply mark through the amount and put the corrected amount for your property on your coupon (so if the coupon says $501 – mark through that amount and write in $167.00 [$125 for monthly assessment + $42.00 for irrigation = $167.00]; if your coupon says $471.00 – mark through that amount and write in $157.00 [$125 for monthly assessment + $32.00 for irrigation = $471.00]).

You will still pay quarterly.  If you chose to, you can send one coupon with the amount and just mark out the month and write in 1st quarter, 2ndquarter, etc.  And you must still pay in advance, by the first of the month, so you do not incur late charges.

 If you have any question, please let me or Ronnie know.

We apologize for the mistake and any confusion it has caused.  Please see my original announcement about your monthly assessments below:

It is that time of year again when every association is approving the new budgets for the 2019 year. Once the budget is approved the coupon books are then generated and mailed to the owners. We would like to inform you that your coupon books for the 2019 quarterly assessments have recently been produced and are being mailed to the address we have on file.  The budget can be seen on the community website at: https://www.artistryhoa.com/pdf.php?lFileID=54395

Please note that with each association approving budgets all at the same time it creates a little back up for our corporate office to get the coupon books created and mailed, so please be patient.

 The 2019 quarterly assessment amount is $125.00 per month + irrigation cost of $32.00 per month for a 65’ lot or $42.00 per month for a 92’ lot, which are mailed quarterly.  The total cost for a 65’ lot will be $157.00 per month or $471.00 per quarter.  The total cost for a 92’ lot will be $167.00 per month or $501.00 per quarter. If you do not received your coupon book soon and are concerned that you will be late you can send in your payment to the lockbox address but please make sure that it check is made payable to Artistry Owners Association and you provide your account number and address on the memo line.

 The address to mail your payment to is: 

Artistry Owners Association

C/O Evergreen Lifestyles Management

PO Box 25353

Tampa, FL 33622 

Please note that if you need to change your mailing address we must receive the change in writing. Please contact Evergreen Customer Service via email at CustomerService@Evergreen-LM.com and include the association name, your name and the proper mailing address.

Thank you,
Evergreen Lifestyles Management



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